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To promote London Digital Signage Week and New York Digital Signage Week, the Ministry of New Media prints a high quality newspaper ‘The DailyDOOH Special Edition’ which is distributed, free of charge, two weeks prior to each week at the offices of prominent media owners in both London and New York as well as at all of the events during both weeks.

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The newspapers carry exclusive news and reports crafted by the editorial team, with a specific focus on current topics unique to each city.

Content also includes complete details about each participating event and where possible, agenda, address and contact details on how to attend.



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For most of our events, we produce a detailed 40-page Summit Programme, which include the Agenda, Speaker Profiles, Presentation Abstracts and Editorial, which always forms a prized takeaway from the event.



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The DailyDOOH first put together a list of the top 10 Digital Signage Software Vendors back in December 2007 and a few years later added to that, with a much more detailed look at the top 25 digital signage software vendors in the world.

This list has been used by hundreds of organisations as the basis for RFPs (request for proposal), for competitive positioning, for investment purposes and ultimately for software selection with some of the world’s biggest projects.

This in-depth report, now available in print, looks at the top 25 vendors’ strengths and weaknesses, company history, who their top clients are and just as importantly what vertical sectors they specialise in.

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